Learn what every major manufacturer of Tiaras knows about Sutherlands’ tiara bases, and why they continue to buy....

Please spend a few minutes reading this letter. Then you’ll be in a position to purchase the finest tiara bases, combs and binding wire on the market, for less than you would expect, all backed up with a no nonsense 12 month guarantee for your absolute peace of mind

From Donald Sutherland
3 April 2004

Dear Friend:

Buying the best tiara bases to make your tiaras for your customers can be difficult these days. Trying to balance out the quality against getting good value for money, ensuring that you are not contravening and EU legal requirements, and making sure that your clients will be enthralled with your tiaras.

Since June 1991 the major UK manufacturers of premium tiaras and bridal veils have been buying from Sutherlands. You can rest assured you will be buying the finest quality tiara bases, side combs and Alice bands because we have so much experience in the fulfillment of these specialist needs.

Our clients tell us they buy Sutherlands' tiara bases, side combs and Alice bands because:

The products are consistent high quality
Their orders are despatched within 24 hours

The 12 month guarantee against breakage and the guarantee that the anodising will not flake off gives them complete peace of mind

In addition to these 3 main criteria this is what our clients insist on as part of their purchase criteria fir tiara bases, side combs and Alice bands:

  1. The tiara bases must be nickel free so there can be no reaction to this element. This is a legal requirement within the EU and it is also enforceable in other countries. Sutherlands' tiara bases are guaranteed nickel free. If you are buying from other suppliers right now - please check and make quite sure that the tiara bases you use confirm to this prerequisite!
  2. The bases must be available in two styles, either:
    patterned external surface, and smooth inner
    smooth external surface and patterned inner

    A patterned surface is essential so that the binding wire grips the base securely.

    Smooth finishes on both side of the tiara base will cause problems. We often see cheaper entrants into this market offering smooth finishes on both sides. This will cause you problems. The major players in the market will not entertain smooth finishes on both sides.

    With the patterned external surface, there is no possibility of minor scratches showing up - you know how these small mishaps occur.

  3. The ends of the tiara bases must be resin covered so there is no possibility of them grazing the bride's head. If you are buying from other suppliers right , are your present ones so covered?
  4. The tiara bases should be oval shaped so that they fit the brides head well and be malleable so they can be bent to fit a particular contour, i.e. manouvered for comfort. The anodising must not flake off during the bending.
  5. The tiara bases must have consistent excellent quality , have the right weight and have good feel , and provide comfort for the wearer .
  6. Side combs must be fleible, smooth-shouldered, acetate combs of which you can bend the tines at right angles without them breaking off. This means you veils can be sent in the mail without fear of combs breaking due to heavy-handed delivery people - less hassles! We hold stocks of flexible acetate side combs in two sizes:

  7. 72mm x 39mm with 13 tines
    100mm x 56mm with 23 tines

    The acetate smaller comb is also available in silvered and guilded anodised finishes to give the appearance of metal, but the lightness of plastic.

  8. Alice bands should be clear, transparent, and flexible without breaking.
  9. We supply 9mm x 356mm overall length Alice bands which are clear, transparent and flexible with 3 groups of 7 small “teeth” on the inner circumference. The groups of teeth aid the grip of the Alice band on the head.

  10. Foil covered binding wire . The all important feature about our binding wire is that is is, indeed, foil covered , so it cannot tarnish or deteriorate. Customer peace of mind is all important and our wire will provide this.

Available in “silver” and “light gold” which matches our “light gold” tiara bases. In 180 gram bundles of c. 500 pieces, cut to a length of 43cm (17 inches).

It is 28G (0.036mm).

Immediately available ex stock.

Since June 1991 we have consistently met and exceeded our clients' expectations.

We'd like to do the same for you, Here's what some of our clients have to say about the solutions we provide:

These are real comments from real people - our valued clients:

We have been working with Sutherlands for many years and have al-ways found them to be totally reliable. we really like their tiara bases and find them to be completely suitable for our needs.
- Karl Metcalfe of Liza Designs, Skegness

Sutherlands are our sole supplier of quality tiara bases and side combs, Very satisfied with their products and service. - John Frost of John Frost Designer Bridalwear, Castleford -

Tiara base quality is consistently good from Sutherlands who provide an excellent, reliable service.
- Jean Watson of Calla Ross Designs, Leicester -

Sutherlands have been our reliable supplier for 14 years and we are very satisfied with the quality of their tiara bases.
- Lynne Craster of Petals International, Leeds -

Very pleased to do business with Sutherlands whose tiara bases are excellent ins all respects. Good reliable company.

- Margaret Williams of Rhapsody, Swansea -

Sutherlands acetate combs are very flexible in that the tines/teeth do not break off. Service provided is excellent.
- Alan Dicks of Elizabeth Dickens, Soham, Ely -

I’d love to welcome you as a client and a friend. Please call me on 01625-531545 (within the UK) or +44 1625-531545 (from outside the UK) now so we can discuss your require-ments in more detail.

Yours sincerely

Donald Sutherland
Director, Sutherlands Tiaras Ltd

P.S. Pleased pick up the phone now and give me a call so we can help you buy the finest tiara bases, side combs, Alice bands and binding wire available, at prices that will keep you profitable and let you enjoy the peace of mind our 12 month guarantee offers.